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For you

I’m not sure if you are completely unaware of the fact that I am so confused with you, I have now learned to control my emotions so you can’t hurt me, you obviously do not know what you want. So I’ll make it easier for you. I’m here, I’ll give you a week to see if you want me in your life. And after a week. I completely cancel you,I’ve put my life on hold and now your ready to move one. I don’t want any cards,emails,phone calls. You really don’t know what you want. And I’m here standing ready for you and your not ready. So I must move on.
I will not let my self wonder to the fact that I could wish “about what I had, or what might of happened”… You only have one chance in life. And that’s it. I’m not going to let you dictate my life and let you have me on a waiting list of your life. If you have made up your mind about me then tell me. If not then leave me alone. I don’t care about what might happen. Because we can only do what we have time for. You want to leave me alone and so do I. But we both know what we have is far beyond planning. We are cosmically connected. And we can not keep each other out. I don’t know how much more of my heart I have to show you because i will not let you break it any more.
I love you and that’s where I stand.