Interview with Seven

1.Yikes how long have you been writing ? I first learned in 1st grade. I think.

2. Favorite cartoon growing up? Hong Kong Fuey

3. Motivation? Life is shors? Seen, Loomit, Supher

4. Favorite rapper? I prefer a M.C.

5. Favorite color? Black

6.any chase story? It’s in development for a major film, I can’t discuss it.

7: favorite paint? Sherwin Williams

8.hobbies? Music, mma

9.what happened in NY when I was with you? I’ve never been to ny with you, when we goin?

11.favorite R&B song? Me & Mrs. Jones

12. How much do you weigh? 180

13. Favorite beat maker? Primo

14. Favorite beat of all time? Mass Appeal, gangstarr

15.favorite drink? Iced tea
Shout outs ? Plugs? Do you plug anything ? I plug pussyholes.

Photo by: Justin Cider