20?’s with Awful

Hold on I’m gonna grab me a bite to eat real quick…ok I’m back

1.First off. What do you write ?
Hello, my name is Awful
2.where does your ass sleep at night and where are you from? My ass sleeps in my comfy ass bed…an I am from Colorado
3. How did you get your name?
I was sent to a training in an oooold job of mine for work while I was taking notes they kept on saying Awful Awful and I liked how it looked on the paper…and it stuck
4. How long have you’ve been writing ?
I have been writing for a minute or two
5. What is your background in art ? Any formal school?
Background in art would be under bridges, freight yards (hoppers,gondolas back in them days ha I didn’t know any better) oh and I would sketch on paper every once in a while..no formal art school
6. You have any good graff stories?
Yeah there is a ton of em…recently we lost a can in the yard…spent an hour and a half looking for it never found it compromised with a different color…(it was a main color some faces) came home next morning looking through the bag..it was still in there haha #fail
7. What’s your favorite quote?
#fail hahaha
8. Where can someone see your work?
Flickr under Awful one or under the Creatures Crew flickr as well
9. Who are your influences in the art world ?
Art world? Umm Craola Alex Pardee Dabs Myla and so on
10. Where do your ideas come from for your style of pieces ?
Well since I started I always wanted to do wild style pieces and thats what everyone was doing around here
11. Any other mediums you work with or are in the process of using?
Umm I’m in a model train show next weekend in LA called the Steel Giants ..if your in that area go check it out! And buy one of my model trains! It starts March 10th at the GCS in Pamona CA
12. What’s your favorite paint to use ?
Favorite paint to use would definitely be Montana gold or 94…of course rusto but they are forcing me not to using it anymore with their new cap designs
13. You have any other hobbies other than painting?
Yeah I like to run,lift weights, and work on my 51′ ford
14. Favorite cartoon growing up?
Hmm.. I like the Underdog, Futurama, Bevis and Butthead and Top Cat!
15. How do you feel about graphic design being used in graffiti today?
I know lots of people that hate it but it’s getting more accepted by society and that means more walls and Commision jobs…so I’m not mad at it
16. What can you say to young kids wanting to get into this culture?
Don’t hop on to the bandwagons do what you want to do and not what every one else is doing
17. Can you give us any insight on what you plan on doing art wise in the next couple of years?
There is no telling I’m a pretty busy guy
18. Whats your favorite to paint on wood,metal,brick,glass,canvass?
19. Favorite writers in no order?
hmm.. Kwest Sigh Jher East Vogey Serval River Hex Atlas…the list goes on…everyone is super fresh now a days
20. Any places you’ve traveled to paint?
There is a few..I love to paint trains so wherever there is a good freight spot is where I wanna be!
Shouts out.
And my man DAVE FOTO!
Thanks again.