20?’s with Rei

1.First off. What do you write ?
2.where does your ass sleep at night and where are you from?
I’m originally from north Spain, (Basque Country), but at this moment I live in ATX
3. How did you get your name?
it’s an abbreviation from my real name, it comes from my sk8boarding days
4. How long have you’ve been writing ?
I started messing with graffiti around 1990, tagging my name at the local sk8boarding spots. I did my first piece around 1995
5. What is your background in art ? Any formal school?
I am self taught
6. You have any good graff stories?
quite a few, yes…anytime y
7. What’s your favorite shewp quote?
“dang bro, I can feel the bubble…”
8. Where can someone see your work?
facebook.com/rei.mkombos, rei74.com, but the best place would be in the streets
9. Who are your influences in the art world ?
so many good artists out there…
10. Best place you ever woke up at? From a long night of drinking.
my bed
11. Have you ever tried “docking”?
maybe…not sure what that is
12. What’s your favorite paint to use ?
Montana colors
13. You think 13’s a good or bad luck number?
just a number
14. Favorite cartoon growing up?
Mazinger Z
15. How do you feel about graphic design beig used in graffiti today?
why not…you still painting it on a wall..
16. What can you say to young kids wanting to get into this culture?
learn about graffiti history and ethics
17. Can you give us any insight on what you plan on doing art wise in the next couple of years?
I just want to make things bigger and more complex
18. Can you tell us more about question #10?
home sweet home
19. Favorite writers in no order?
so many different styles, color combinations, approaches, compositions, attitudes…at the end my favorite writers are those that I personally know
20. Any places you’ve traveled to paint?
I have been moving back and forth from Spain too the US for the past 20 years, so yes I have done quite some traveling around but there’s definetly many places I would like to go to in the near future
Shouts out.
Mortal Kombos, CBS, LAWS, RTD, BY, RWS, TRPS…
Thanks again.