Interview Friday With Dcypher

Interview Friday.
20?’s with dcypher

1. What do you write? And where are you from?
I write Dcypher CBS DTR originally from Christchurch New Zealand

2. How long have you been into letters & such?
Since around 1995 I started tags and outlines! Been interested in art since I was a kid though,my pops bought me subway art at the age of 13 and it was a done deal from then.

3. What are you’re influences that give you the drive to paint?
So I’m not completely forgotten when I die! And to make the people around me want to push the art form further in this never ending search for style.

4. Do you listen to music when you paint, and what’s you’re play list?
I listen to the street you should be totally aware of your surroundings at all times! But other than that el- p and mf doom are at the top of the list!

5. What’s the process when painting a wall nowadays?
It changes every time, having everything planned out is boring but you often get a better result. So I try have some kind of plan!but try to change it up a bit in the spear of the moment

6. How did you get in the crew?
Met Haste CBS through a good friend of mine and started painting with him and other members of the crew and eventually got jumped in and got the shit kicked out of me!

7. What’s the weather like where you reside @? To fucking hot all the fucking time!

8. What’s the direction of you’re work headed this and next year?
To be honest I have no real direction,but painting giant burner productions is at the top of the list!

9. Any travel plans in the works? Always looking to travel but heading home for a visit soon to rock some walls, recent earthquakes destroyed my home town so I’m looking to revitalize the spirt of my beloved city!!

10. Are you doing any public projects or art shows we should be aware of? I’m working with ” I wuz here” on some mural advertisements through out my neighborhood .

11. What names did you start off with? I used to write just ” cypher” then got snapped and being a dumb ass teenager just put a D in front of it and have been going strong ever since!

12. Do you have any good paint stories ? Not really but constantly evading the pigs for a good 7 year period painting trackside walls during the day is a good one!

13. Who are you’re 5 top MC’s ?
Metal face Doom
El Producto
Christopher Wallace
Sean Price
Pharaoh Monch

14. What is you’re favorite brand of paint? And why?
Any brand that wasnt designed for graffiti, a good writer should be able to paint with anything they can get there hands on! Style over technique!

15. What are you’re thoughts on this years presidential race?
It’s a big fucking sham, but go Ron Paul

16. Favorite childhood toy?GI joes many versions of Storm shadow! And any ninja related weapons .

17. Any good artist’s we should keep an eye out for? Isrek Aub 159

18. Can you describe you’re style and where it comes from? I’m kinda a style chameleon but like painting tradition 2D style but rendered 3D . Originally new Zealand
was influenced by the states of couses but we had a lot of euros come over and influence the style, likes of loom it, daim, ECB, and of course Australian scene played a big part.

19. Do you collect anything, and what do you collect?
Fat cells and tar in my lungs!

20. Can you tell us places you have traveled or exhibited in? NZ Australia US and England and France

Any shout outs? Ikarus and Freak from DTR and of course CBS! And a special thanks to king Supher!!!

Find Dcypher on instagram @elbizzar02

and find me on instagram @supher