Recap 11 days straight

Long 11 days straight of hard work
Night one with a little something with the homie Chunk
Valet that night away.

stop in St.Louis/paint Louis last time I stopped there was 2000. Wall is still riding
Spie,Duo,ore & myself

Chicago MOS 50 hours in the city & 46 on the road
Good times seeing Exaust,beyond,fatige,like,sloke,quake,Merz,haste,Goya,
Wruks & outlet. Sorry I didn’t see Celisa,Revise & Johhny W I’ll be back soon with more stickers.

Then rush to San Antonio to paint live. Touchdown Beqit. 100′ burners with Jedi,Lern,Cien,Resig 9,Werks,Soup,Duone,Dabs & Ovas Aka Pinõ from Spain. Kamikaze the night away.
Bounce to The Capital to drive Alison crazy and see AWOL CBS and the Drunken Pirate Wags with Tia Becky.
Next day we stop to see the land of the lost.
Swanging in Houston for 2 days and knock out 2 walls one super biggie. Thanks to Weah,Sode,Beqit,Rabi/Sasquatch.
Back to what ever it is I do.