20?’s with Bekit BY,LAWS

first off…thanks for taking the time to do this for me…I know the NY is super busy..

first off

1. first off where do you come from and where is your new location?
houston TX – NYC
2. what do you write?
BekiT- Laws…BY…

3. what’s your favorite pastime?
Creating / Drinking / Traveling / Hanging out with the homies…
4. what motivates you?
5. what occupy’s most of your time?
Work and gett’n ready for CC8…
6. who are you’r favorite designer’s in fashion,painting,photography,graphic design?
Alexander McQueen, martin margiela, hani rashid, it’s a long list…
7. who are your influences ?
the unknown, beauty that derives from pain and balance…
8. what are you bumping at the moment?
Kid Cudi, Sublime, Frank Sinatra
9. who put you on to graff?
Beat Street!
10. favorite writers?
I like them all!!!
11.what can people expect from you in the future?
the unexpected
12. What advice do you have for people who want to do what you do?
don’t be scared to do you!
13. top 5 fav quotes?
SAS!!! so you learn
it wasn’t me….
look it muy chingo!
just do it!

14. What’s a Pina?
hahahaha-good times!
15. favorite site’s to peep?
16. Mason Moore or Alexis Texas?
17. Tell me about “Power Up”?
18. Can you tell me about the time in NY with Yikes.
Pinche Yikes, almost gets ran over crossing the street running to the Dunkin Donuts after a day of painting at Tuff City…
after ordering his donut and diet pepsi he begins to wobble toward us while taking a bite of his donut and then washing it
down with his soda… as soon as this happens Supher says “I need power” and Yikes was recharged!!! – you really had to be there…
19. Favorite taco?
the menu from Taco Haven #1!!!
20. Who’s doing it big right now?
starting my owns men’s wear line line that will become the definition of true american luxury…

Shout out’s?
to the entire Laws/BY familia…

thanks homie…

















20?’s with Chemist

1.First off. What do you write ?
2.where do you live and where are you from?
Dayton, Ohio the gem city
3. How did you get your name?
I switched my name from SEAR cause of some whack kid stated painting SEER and everyone thought his stuff was mine. I kind of was really wanting to do some big mad scientist painting so at the time I stumbled across CHEMIST
4. How long have you’ve been writing ?
Since 2002
5. What is your background in art ?
My aunt was an amazing fine artist and potter so I always drew and did some type of art. I never really pushed my art till long after being out of high school
Any formal school?
AAS in design specializing in print
6. You have any good graff stories?
Way way to many involving gun shots, wild dogs in the train yard, copers, and shit getting fucked up!
7. What’s your favorite quote?
“another perfect day in the perfect life” Corrie
8. Largest wall you’ve done to date?
A wall downtown Dayton for the city, 40ft wide 80ft tall
9. Who are your influences in the art world ?
Wow so many people…. 123klan, 3kings tattoo, koffie, mamma sauce printing, Ken Taylor, too many to list
10. Where do your ideas come from for your style of pieces ?
They come from all over, I pull inspiration from industrial design, print design, movies, signage, fashion, motorbikes, abandon properties and buildings, nature
11. What kind of tricks have you discovered using spray paint or is it trade secrets ?
I got a few up my sleeve but I always have a big bag of different caps for sure!

12. What’s your favorite paint to use ?
Black line, gold line, hardcore, ironlak
13. You have any other hobbies other than painting?
Playing bones, riding my motorbikes, doing some woodworking, slapping a little ping pong.

14. Favorite cartoon growing up?
Tom & Jerry, GI Joes, and transformers.
15. How do you feel about “street art”?
Some is cool some I want to poo on. I’ve been doing a lot of large scale printed images in some works so been appreciating things a little more
16. What can you say to young kids wanting to get into this culture?
Work hard, draw your ass off, earn everything you want, never take anything for granted, and keep your eyes opens to learn everything you can from any one. Be smart and lee your ego at home cause you are no one even when you are someone.
17. You excited about painting at CC8?
Hell yeah I am. I always love CC

18. Whats your favorite to paint on wood,metal,brick,glass,canvass?
Wood for some things and brick or block for walls! I miss the cold steal trains though.
19. Favorite writers in no order?
Thought I already answered this? Anyone that gets me excited on painting air that is doing something awesome.
20. Any places you’ve traveled to paint?
NY, ATX, San Antonio, Chicago, PA, Vegas

Shouts out.
To my crews BY Clique & LAWS. Color Logistik Group. Free Duo, it won’t be too long!

Thanks again.