20?’s with Exaust

1.First off. What do you write ?
Exhaust One .

2.where does your ass sleep at night and where are you from? Chicago

3. How did you get your name?
From self DC5, he said I exhaust myself trying to get my point across.

4. How long have you’ve been writing ?
Since 2000

5. What is your background in art ? Any formal school?
Had about 5 different classes in high School and only managed to pass sculpture and multimedia art.

6. You have any good graff stories? Flipping a Car four times on the way Kansas city while being asleep in the back seat and no be Belt and falling out the rear window as it stopped, buff splattered road and hissing paint cans…

7. What’s your favorite quote?
In a world full of followers, dare to be A leader.

8. Where can someone see your work?
graffiti doesn’t last forever, especially in chicago. But maybe you might find some in other cities I’ve traveled to…

9. Who are your influences in the art world ?
I don’t think art really influences me… Its more my crewmates and letter structure…

10. Where do your ideas come from for your style of pieces ?
I always liked paisley design and old English lettering… Being a part of MFK crew I grew fond of metal.

11. Any other mediums you work with or are in the process of using?
11.mostly spraypaint and acrylic.. I haven’t ventured too far into the artistic scene.

12. What’s your favorite paint to use ?
I’d have to say blackline from German Montana. Perfect pressure and great color scale for me…

13. You think 13’s a good or bad luck number?
never paid too much attention to it…

14. Favorite cartoon growing up?
has to be ronin warriors…

15. How do you feel about graphic design being used in graffiti today?
Some people pull it off and some should leave it alone.

16. What can you say to young kids wanting to get into this culture?
Make a name for yourself before joining a crew and make sure you learn your letter structure…

17. Can you give us any insight on what you plan on doing art wise in the next couple of years?
17.CT the crew I started in chicago just turned 10yrs old.. So I plan on having an anniversary show and jam to celebrate. I’m still undecided on Wether or not To have a solo show as well…

18. Whats your favorite to paint on wood,metal,brick,glass,canvass?
there’s nothing nicer than steel… Cinderblock and concrete are runners up…

19. Favoritewriters in no order?
Fons/smote, raven, sacred and cents, pose2, sofles, labrat.

20. Any places you’ve traveled to paint?
Los Angeles, Memphis, Philadelphia, new York, Indianapolis, Louisville, san Antonio, Austin, Seattle, and san Francisco.

Shouts out?
my laws, CBS, mfk and CT family…. 773 nightowl, chicago, I WUZ HERE!

Thanks again.