20?’s with Bekit BY,LAWS

first off…thanks for taking the time to do this for me…I know the NY is super busy..

first off

1. first off where do you come from and where is your new location?
houston TX – NYC
2. what do you write?
BekiT- Laws…BY…

3. what’s your favorite pastime?
Creating / Drinking / Traveling / Hanging out with the homies…
4. what motivates you?
5. what occupy’s most of your time?
Work and gett’n ready for CC8…
6. who are you’r favorite designer’s in fashion,painting,photography,graphic design?
Alexander McQueen, martin margiela, hani rashid, it’s a long list…
7. who are your influences ?
the unknown, beauty that derives from pain and balance…
8. what are you bumping at the moment?
Kid Cudi, Sublime, Frank Sinatra
9. who put you on to graff?
Beat Street!
10. favorite writers?
I like them all!!!
11.what can people expect from you in the future?
the unexpected
12. What advice do you have for people who want to do what you do?
don’t be scared to do you!
13. top 5 fav quotes?
SAS!!! so you learn
it wasn’t me….
look it muy chingo!
just do it!

14. What’s a Pina?
hahahaha-good times!
15. favorite site’s to peep?
16. Mason Moore or Alexis Texas?
17. Tell me about “Power Up”?
18. Can you tell me about the time in NY with Yikes.
Pinche Yikes, almost gets ran over crossing the street running to the Dunkin Donuts after a day of painting at Tuff City…
after ordering his donut and diet pepsi he begins to wobble toward us while taking a bite of his donut and then washing it
down with his soda… as soon as this happens Supher says “I need power” and Yikes was recharged!!! – you really had to be there…
19. Favorite taco?
the menu from Taco Haven #1!!!
20. Who’s doing it big right now?
starting my owns men’s wear line line that will become the definition of true american luxury…

Shout out’s?
to the entire Laws/BY familia…

thanks homie…

















Recap 11 days straight

Long 11 days straight of hard work
Night one with a little something with the homie Chunk
Valet that night away.

stop in St.Louis/paint Louis last time I stopped there was 2000. Wall is still riding
Spie,Duo,ore & myself

Chicago MOS 50 hours in the city & 46 on the road
Good times seeing Exaust,beyond,fatige,like,sloke,quake,Merz,haste,Goya,
Wruks & outlet. Sorry I didn’t see Celisa,Revise & Johhny W I’ll be back soon with more stickers.

Then rush to San Antonio to paint live. Touchdown Beqit. 100′ burners with Jedi,Lern,Cien,Resig 9,Werks,Soup,Duone,Dabs & Ovas Aka Pinõ from Spain. Kamikaze the night away.
Bounce to The Capital to drive Alison crazy and see AWOL CBS and the Drunken Pirate Wags with Tia Becky.
Next day we stop to see the land of the lost.
Swanging in Houston for 2 days and knock out 2 walls one super biggie. Thanks to Weah,Sode,Beqit,Rabi/Sasquatch.
Back to what ever it is I do.