Interview with Awful

Friday interview.
1.Yikes how long have you been writing ?
Wouldn’t you like to know! Haha
2. Favorite cartoon growing up?
looney tunes! Speedy Gonzales would be my favorite
3. Motivation?
My motivation would be getting a phone call or a text from a homie saying they just benched one of my freights
4. Favorite rapper?
Damn…big question I would have to say my all time fave would be Existereo
5. Favorite color?
Hmm…so many out there now but I’ll go with old school krylon watermelon…or American accents peacock!
6.any chase story?
Oh yeah…Vomet and I were rockin the center medians on the interstate and 5oh rolled up! And it was on! we both jetted separate ways hid for hours while they are on the megaphone saying we are at your car come out! Got away though…super sketchy haha
7: favorite paint?
My favorite paint would have to be 94′ at the moment…of course rusto never fails neither does hardcore! I have been using Evolve a lot lately and can’t be mad at that either
Hmm I have been restoring my 51′ ford truck and I ride my 20″ whenever I get a chance…but mainly play with my son
9.what happened in NY when I was with you?
Well since we never been to NY together it’s hard to say haha
10.favorite writers?
My crew! But my all time faves are Kwest and Sigh
11.favorite R&B song?
Haha I would have to go with NKOTB The Right Stuff!
12. How much do you weigh?
I’m weighing in at 65 pounds been trying to gain weight it’s just not working!
Shout outs ? Plugs? Do you plug anything ?
I love plugging Supher! That’s my favorite hole! Shout out to my wife for always letting me paint and travel!