How I think at this moment

I’ve always wanted my significant other to play this song to me. And be like “I know you have to grind”. But it hasn’t happened.
I’d like to see you as a music video. Where you are so hyper I couldn’t touch you.
I wish you could see my grind for what it is.
Im no lawyer,or assistant I’m just me.
I’ve been me. I don’t follow trends. I create them. I’ve seen black clouds and I’ve seen pure white clouds. I’m not one for beef. But for you I’d fight! When you have someone so close that you don’t even think about the repercussions of what has just happened. I only think of you as a person. Not a object. I’ve played this cenario in my head again and again. And I only want you to see where I stand.

You are the closest object to seeing true love, where i should stop everything in. Life for you and become you. Love is so blind that it makes you do things that where in possible.
I’ve only had the chance of spending 15% of you. And with that I’ve made up a ‘idea’ of you.
I see our future as incomplete. Not as a mistake.
I’ve been in love with you since day one.