Interview with Sayer

Interview with Sayer.

1.How long have you been writing ?
1. I ran out of fingers to count on, somewhere in the toes range.

2. What’s your favorite cartoon?
2. The Herculoids

3. What’s your motivation?
3. Costantly trying to improve, and seeing what I can get away with.

4. Favorite Rapper?
4. Um… Big L

5. What’s your favorite color?
5. Not technically a color, but black.

6. Any chase stories ?
6. I was painting a rooftop in the north side of pittsburgh. Its a pretty ghetto area. I heard some noises from the front of the building that sounded pretty close. I was two stories up. I soon see an arm reach around the corner with a handgun. I ran two the back of the roof as two shots were fired (obviously not cops). I jumped off the roof without thinking. I managed to limp away, then got to the ride. The next day I discovered that I had shattered my heal bone. I couldn’t walk right for months.

7. Favorite paint ?
7. One shot or kilz

8. Hobbies?
8. Fine art, biking, drinking

9. What’s your playlist at the moment ?
9. Agoraphobic nosebleed, rotten sound, statik selekta, el michaels affair, the broken keys, skyzoo

10. Favorite writer?
10. Yanoe

11. Favorite R&B song?
11. I need a dollar – aloe blacc

12. How much do you weigh?
12. Like a buck and two quarters

13. If you could kick it with any super hero who would it be ?
13. Catwoman

14. How do you feel about the way graphic design is headed?
14. I like how new school concepts are being integrated with the fonts and ideas from the past.

15. Favorite animal?
15. A shark with friggin’ lasers

16. I you could recommend one movie for people to watch what would it be ?
16. Dead alive

17. What’s your favorite line to use on a girl, even if it doesn’t work?
17. Do you like scumbags?

18. Favorite actress?
18. Wynonna Ryder, or whoever that bitch was that got caught stealing.

19. Any early predictions on who’s going to win the SuperBowl?
19. Steelers

20. Who would win Seal Team 6 or The Secret Service?
20. Seal team 6, fasho.

Any shout outs ? Or plugs?
Shouts. Free fred!!

Plugs. Tis screenprinting,, the miami bike scene, and of course Gotta plug cuban chicks too.