The long awaited Paser interview

So if you guys didn’t know about my boy Paser, well first off great dude and super nice guy. I met him a few years ago and I’ve had the pleasure of painting with him. He’s hard working and his style is not to be fucked with. It’s more cyborg than human and I can only imagine what he has in mind for Miami.

1. How long have you been writing
1. I painted my first piece in 98. Dabbled with it for 2 years but it wasn’t my main focus. In 2001 was when I really made it my life and passion. The rest is history.

2. Favorite Cartoon growing up?
2. My favorite cartoon growing up would have to be Transformers! I mean you really cant beat vehicles turning into robots can you?

3. What’s your motivation ?
3.I get motivated by so many things, the list would fill this whole page. A couple that come to minded is first and for most my CREWS and the people I associate myself with on a regular basis, my girl Sarah is a huge inspiration as well in my everyday walk in life. The earth, living creatures, decayed objects, rusty boxcars, and knowing that you can absolutely do anything you put your mind to.

4. Favorite rapper?
4. I dont listen to to much rap, but If i had to pick one, coming from the dirty south, Lord Infamous from Three-6-Mafia is probably on my top.

5. Favorite paint?
5. Thats a BOLD question sir. Any color from Montana “Blackline” is the jump-off. There is a color I have been messing with called “megablast” that is killer with a Cherry outline. Shit I can’t give out my arsenal.

6. Any chase stories?
6. There is way to many chase stories to tell. One that comes to mind Faek, and myself where doing this street level spot in Tennessee. It’s one of those spots that there is a 98% chance you are going to get rolled on, but fuck it spots! We were done with are fills , I went through and tied the background up between our pieces. Going for our outlines as this security hero rolled on us. I mean right up on us, lights and everything. Without hesitating, we grabbed up our bags and ran. There was already 3-4 MPD’S on our ass. Chilled out in this dumpster that smelled like total chaos, while you could hear there radios buzzing and flashlights bouncing off the dumpsters we were laying in. I peeked my head out, and the coast was clear, so I thought. Went for the car that was about 2 blocks away, and they had the block damn near shut down looking for us. How I made it to the car, I will never know. But we got out of that hairy situation. Cracked a beer, and laughed on the way home. Those are some of the key points I could remember of that story. We left with battle wounds, but it comes with the game doesn’t it?

7. Favorite color?
7. Montana Blackline hands down!!

8. Any hobbies?
8.I have many hobbies. Painting first and for most. Benching and spending as much time as I can on the rails. Railroad photograph, rusty boxcars, re-stamps and learning about different companies. I also have been spending a great bit of time building up my studio and working on fine art pieces for up-coming projects and shows.

9.what’s instore for us in the coming months?
9.In the up-coming months, I am really going to focus on QUALITY and perfecting my craft to the best of my ability. Im gunning for rare car’s always, which there is acouple on my list that I have not yet got the chance to crush, so hopefully they will come my way. I’m always on the look-out. More studio time is a must, and trying to line some trips up to get some high caliber work done with my crews, before the end of the year is over.

10. Favorite writer?
10. Yet another BOLD question sir. I don’t have a favorite writer. There are alot of heads out there that are really pushing the boundaries and I recognize that.
Task, Xaust, Supher, Codak, Timber, Dark, Like, Audroc, Rex2, Pako. Sacred, 6Cents . I really have been feeling Bacon and all of the HSA crew. This guy YesB has been an eye catcher lately as well.

11.favorite R&B song?
11. none. period.

12. Favorite team?
12. buck 85

13. If you could kick it with any superhero who would it be?

14. What’s your thoughts on graphic design and where it’s going in the future?
14. Graphic Design is ridiculous right now. There are so many people absolutely doing immaculate work, its really inspirational.

15. Favorite animal?
15. English Bulldog

16. What film do you recommend for anyone to watch?
16.”Forks over Knives”

17. What’s your favorite line to tell a girl even if it doesn’t work?
17.” Baby, are you ready to get Butlered?” Only a select few will get that one.

18. Favorite actress?
18. Scarlett Johansson

19. Favorite team?
19. Eagles

20. Who would win in a battle? Seal team 6 or Secret Service?
20. Seal Team 6 all day. They have some machines on that team. Good luck!!

Any shout outs or plugs?
Shouts to my crews and family , MFK, (Made for killin) LAWS, (lost and worthless souls) FST (finally some talent) TM (Thoughts Manifested)
My girl Sarah, I love you baby… Anybody that let me lamp out on there couch, good looking out!! My Memphis partners Sank to Grief, Khaze, Gnars, and Wase. Taskills, my Weapons Division affiliate.
All my Texas, Chi-town, and midwest family. To everyone that has inspired me through the years, you will never understand how much it means. and last but not least MY MAN SUPHER for the Q & A’s .. Keep Killin…..